I Heart Portland

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Escape From New York

There is nothing else in the World like running ten miles then devouring an enormous slice of fresh baked pizza (except for last summer, the Nike Run Hit Wonder had pints of beer available after running a 10k.) I have found there to be numerous places in Portland to get pizza, but I must say that my heart lies with Escape From New York. True, there is no place to sit and you would be at a disadvantage if you were in the building during a fire, but that does not keep me from enjoying my slice of heaven.

On a tangent, while
running at Bally Total Fitness, or "The Bal" I have now deemed it, I rediscovered why I try to avoid running on treadmills. The way The Bal has their treadmills situated is much like other gymnasiums in the fact that they are faced toward a plethora of televisions hanging from the ceiling. Three televisions are grouped together; the first television has sportscenter, second television has CNN, and the third had some Spanish channel (I discovered from the subtitles and the characters who seemed to use screaming as their primary vehicle for communication). After about 15 minutes on the mill, an unexplainable glare was casted upon two of the televisions, canceling out all access to sportscenter and the Spanish channel leaving me with CNN. Now I enjoy a good CNN as much as the next guy, but just as any good gentleman knows CNN is on a loop. Now you have to realize that I am just getting back into shape, so when my little body says, "Hey, I'm feelin' good, keep goin' amigo," I am all over it. This leads me to running for about 90 minutes. That is 90 minutes of the loopy CNN which is more than any sane person should never have to endure. I came home and wrote a letter to CNN, asking if they could explain why they use this short loop philosophy. I'll keep you posted on the response, for now, CNN... it is on, loopy

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mother's Bistro & Bar

Two eggs, scrambled, with pork-apple sausage, honey whole wheat toast and breakfast potatoes--

Amazing! Today Stephanie, K and I were hunting for somewhere to eat for brunch. Our scattered showers adventure (gotta love Oregon weather) ended at Mother's, a local restaurant. The wait was fairly tolerable, considering it was a sunday afternoon (approx. 40 mins). It did take less than 30 mins for us to order, however, and be eating.

I wish that I had my camera with me so that I would have been able to capture how large the portion sizes were. All in all Mother's is a great place with smiling service at a reasonable cost.

  • Great food for under $10 Main Menu
  • Clean environment
  • Happy servers
  • Downtown SW
  • Parking in downtown
  • Expect a wait of 30 mins to 1 hr to be seated
"Good enough"